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With Covid changing the way we party we have had to make some alterations to the way we sing Happy Birthday and serve the birthday cake.
If you are having a party at our party venue you are welcome to bring a fabulous birthday cake with you to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles.
However, we will not serving the main cake to the children or your guests. This is a new regulation suggested by the Health Department to limit the spread of Covid. You will need to take your cake home for your family to enjoy.

The solution is to have cupcakes for each of the children to have instead of a slice of cake. We bake and create cupcakes fresh on site and can decorate them in any colour or flavour of your choice. 
If you are ordering cupcakes for a zoom or isolation party we have a minimum order of 6. You can also have your cupcakes individually wrapped in a cupcake half box with clear cellophane and ribbon.

Two days notice for ordering cupcakes and catering would be fantastic.

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